Board of Governers

The Board of Governors is ultimately responsible for the governance of the Institute. It consists of five members, to be announced soon. Director General of AIMS is the ex-officio senior member.


Committee of Academic Sponsors (CAS)

It consists of representatives from Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), National ICT R&D Fund, National Space Agency of Pakistan (NSAP), National Engineering & Scientific Commission (NESCOM), and Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST). The committee seeks small annual ‘dues’ from these organizations. These funds over time builds up an independent endowment for the Institute's operating budget. Sponsors send their faculty members to participate in the Institute’s programmes to further enhance their professional development.

Committee of Industrial Sponsors (CIS)

A committee of industrialists sponsors researchers and experts from abroad to come to the institute to teach and do research monitored by the International Scientific Advisory Committee.

International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) consists of leading researchers from scientifically developed nations. The Committee is responsible for scientific content of programmes. It selects and evaluates programmes and proposals from the mathematical community.

Joint Committee of AF, PakMS & IPMC

The Joint Committee (JC) comprises six members from three well-established and internationally known fora, namely, Algebra Forum (AF), International Pure Mathematics Conference (IPMC) and Pakistan Mathematical Society (PakMS). The Joint Committee organizes various mathematical programmes.

What's New

One of the important features of PakMS is to publish PakMS Quarterly Newsletter (about 20 pages).
In over two decades, the Society has grown considerably. Its structure has grown stronger and has become more viable. For its various features/activities, capable & dedicated volunteers are required.
For the PakMS Quart Newsletter, Managing Editor with aforementioned qualities is needed until 31st Dec 2024 (which is extendable with mutual agreement). S/he will work under the rules, regulations and guidance of the PakMS President.
Mathematicians who would like to serve mathematics and its community and help PakMS, are requested to send WhatsApp message at 0300 8540754 by 31.07.2023.
President, PakMS.
The 8th PakMS Gold Medal has been awarded to Late Professor Khwaja Masud, on 19th January 2024 in an investiture ceremony held at the Banquet Hall of the Islamabad Club, Islamabad.
International Pure Mathematics Conference
60th PakMS National Seminar
Pakistan Mathematical Society
Algebra Forum

Obituary for Kar Ping Shum

Professor Kar Ping Shum (8 June 2023)Prof. Kar Ping Shum PakMS sadly announces passing away of Professor Kar Ping Shum. He was a friend and a great support in many academic matters. His role as an external referee of Pakistani PhD students and his role in supporting the International Pure Mathematics Conference in Islamabad will always be remembered with gratitude. May his soul rest in peace. President, Pakistan Mathematical Society.
Professor Kar Ping Shum

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